We are working on the current plans to begin setting up the piers this summer, we are just shy of our goal for the concrete.  As
soon as that goal is reached,  we can begin. We would like to thank everyone who sent all the great letters of encouragement
and donations in the last few months. Your help goes a long way in making this project possible.


The plan is still to place the bridge at the narrow point in the flood zone. This location was
decided on for the positive distance and the depth of bedrock.  

Three new videos on Utube from the Video Preservation Project , Check them out
Hotel Broadwater
St. Helena School
House of John Shober
State Nursery Flood
Were on You Tube
Click here to see the video about the big move

~~~~~OPEN PRESS~~~~~
educate.  The answer is held within the transportation and building history of Montana.  Our
group wants to help educate the public on how over a century ago, men and machines came
group wants to help educate the public on how over a century ago, men and machines came
together to build a future for our state.  Architecture and Engineering are at the core of
understanding how a society expresses itself.  We are going to have open classes on these
topics including how a century old bridge will be rebuilt over the historic flood plane.  We will
have engineering demonstrations of the 100 year flood and how it affects the Ten Mile Corridor
and down stream flood zones.  Though sounding dull we will make this a fun and a hands on
project with models education on Hot Riveting, Concrete Abutments, decking and Pier
Construction.  Riveting, a lost art of its own in the age of welding is a class not to miss.  The
Craig bridge is the first of several structures to be moved and preserved at the Nursery park.  
Bridgework's goal is to  work with the public in its efforts to save architectural history.  Future
assistance projects include a large gold dredge, two more steel bridges as well as a steam
locomotive rusting away in a field outside Billings.  Future generations can only truly appreciate
the accomplishments of our past,  if we do all we can to preserve it now.  We are at a special
time, the willingness to save our history is supported by whole groups instead of just the
individual.  We believe you can accomplish great things with a support structures like that.
things with a support structures like that.

County Commission names new bridge in Craig
Lewis and Clark County commissioners signed a proclamation Tuesday naming the new $3.5
million bridge over the Missouri River in Craig after Forrest Howard Anderson, one of Helena's
foremost political stars.
Article by Martin Kidston

Hometown Helena weighs in on Craig Bridge.
Ron Mercer,Co-Chair of this local civic group wrote in his
Hometown Helena mailer...
"I wonder if there is really a plan for the old bridge that is parked along the
highway west of town."
Ron goes on to say
"Seems to me that there should be a bond required to insure whatever is
donated to a citizen will be put to use within a reasonable time frame."
In a boilerplate response to
questions regarding his mailer Ron responded
"Lots of people are starting to complain about the bridge just sitting there
for several months."

We at the Bridgework's are not quite sure what Ron is talking about. Our plans are in full
gear and we are moving forward with fantastic community support and encouragement.  
We have made substantial  progress since the move nine months ago.  Not all progress
will be linked to the physical movement of the bridge.   We have lots of engineering work
yet to complete.  In October 2006 Martin Drivdahl, one of Montana's most experienced
bridge engineers came on board the Bridgework's team and generously offered his
skills to the work ahead.  We have to engineer and incorporate the bridge into the flood
plane, the importance of proper placement for a bridge that will stand for another century
can not be rushed for any reason.  

Ron would like to see a bond created by MDT to ensure the progress of the
incorporation of a historic structure. This is not how things are done in the historic
adoption process, as undue pressure to complete a project at the risk of safety is not a
fundamental of good construction.  The state, MDT and conservation groups know the
difficulty of staging a bridge that was taken down and moved more than 50 miles to a
new home.  

We at the bridgework's have received over
2100 email's since the move, filled with
genuine curiosity and thanks for keeping the grey giant from the scrap pile.  None of
these letters have ever been negative.  How "complaints" go directly to Ron Mercer of
the Helena Regional Airport and not to the group storing, preserving and building the
bridge is completely baffling to me.  
These bridges are very important to our county and state history and they are certainly
not causing anyone any real strife.  

Scott Nelson
Director Bridgework's

~~~~~~Photo Update~~~~~~
Check out
~Craig Bridge 3~
Thank you all for sending us in your shots.
Keep them coming!

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~~~~~East Helena Gets The Vote~~~~~
The city of East Helena won the vote from the Department of
Transportation this month regarding the future home of the
Williams Street Bridge.  
The DOT Adopt A Bridge Campaign that served as the program to
save the Craig Bridge has successfully Negotiated a deal with the
city of East Helena to place the bridge over Pacific Street. East
Helena will move the bridge some time in 2007 to the former site of
the Pacific Street Bridge in East Helena just North off the Highway.

I want to take this time to thank everyone who was involved directly or indirectly  in
the difficult process of saving the Craig Bridge. All of Montana came together for this
and when the wheels hit the pavement it was like watching a symphony of construction
and effort take form.

To the Tamietti family and crew, I will forever be indebted to you for making this dream come true,
for having the faith when none was to be had and for showing us all the definition of the “Butte can do it”
attitude that has truly set you apart.  Come visit the Tamietti crew at

To the Department of Transportation, thank you for all the last minute meetings,  answering every
call and for helping people like us preserve our heritage through your adoption programs.  
To the crews of
Northwest Energy,  you were the war drums of a massive marching campaign.  Your
efforts constantly keeping moving foreword, scrambling ahead so successfully to keep the beat.  
Bresnan and Qwest crews, your days were as long and as difficult as every ones in this
campaign. I will never think of how TV and Phone services get into the community the same way again.  
Thank You.   
Thank you to the
Sheriff and Police departments, your support was crucial for the safe and orderly
transport of such a large structure through our county and city roads.


We are a Helena based Non Profit concerned about the future of
our local bridges and historic structures.

We work with others in the field of Preservation and encourage
others to go the extra mile for history.
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The Craig Bridge Dedication Plates.  We have taken back our plates from the county, which were on loan, proudly stuffed in a closet as the County now considers
the Craig Bridge a Public Nuisance.   Our plans are  to have the originals on display in the new Bridge Building being renovated now.  Center is a shot of the brick
Bridge Building under renovation, as you can see is needs ALLOT of work but we love conservation, this building served as among other things, offices, the planter
shed and storage for the Nursery from the 1890s through to the end of the 1990s, a century old and with enough care is will last another century.
John Nahrgang who homestead 400 acres
off the nine mile road at the turn of  the
century, west of Craig took these photos.
Thanks to Robert Williams for sharing these
On a personal note, these photos remind me
of my grandfather Jim Nelson who loved this
bridge and the fishing community surrounding
it. Allot of people ask me why I went to all the
work of committing to this project, the
simplest answer is that my grandfather while
sick in hospital told me that it was a shame
that the bridge he loved was going to the
scrap yard. I promised him I would do
something, even though at the time I had no
idea what.  Thankfully before my grandfather
passed I was able to tell him that the bridge
would not see the scrap yard.
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End of the Road!  photo by Knent Barnes MDT
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