Craig Bridge Update Page 2
These pages will be updated with photos and details of the progression of saving the
Craig Bridge

The bridge now sits in its permanent home at the former State Nursery Complex 1/4 mile west of town.
Over the next several months we will go through the extensive process of engineering, cleaning and
giving her a new primer and paint job.
Fund raising for the concrete abutments will begin this summer with art auctions and benefits for the
preservation and long term care of the Craig bridge.
Our non profit accepts donations made to the Bridgeworks Conservancy. Your donation is
tax deductible.

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The morning to the 21, County Commissioner Ed Tinsley
and I arrive early to await the masses who set this day aside
to begin the transport saga to Helena.  The trip alone will
take close to three days and combine the efforts of some of
the most experienced work crews in the state.
Photo courtesy Kent Barnes of the MDT
The Tamietti crews guide the second span through the
Agusta off ramp, a difficult maneuver, one of many to come
over the next two days.  The route through the canyon was
beautiful and clear, as men and machines moved surrealistic
through the cold landscape.
The Lead Rig run by Mitch Tamietti makes it way South.
Photo courtesy Kent Barnes of the MDT
Night Time as the bridges rest on the first day of the move
with the city lights of Helena calling us. This night we kept
watch over the structures as curious onlookers drove out to
see the behemoths resting in the darkness waiting for
The next morning gave us the first challenge of the day,
the Lincoln Road Exit was to combine managed traffic
control and precise turning to maneuver each span of 137
odd feet through this tight intersection. Without fail the
work crews danced with the bridges gracefully.
The bridge as it sat on the afternoon of the 22. The long haul
from Montana Ave. to Sierra saw some of the most
difficult parts of the journey.  Safety was on everyone's mind as
Northwestern Energy and the Tamietti Crews worked carefully
for every yard gained. The bridge sat here for the night as
preparations were made for the final stretch into town.
Photo courtesy of Paul Putz, county preservation officer
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