Craig Bridge Update Page 3
Morning of the 23,  We had some 150 visitors during the night while we kept watch.  
People just wanted to come and see.
By mid afternoon the structures had reached past the
intersection on Wilder. At this point crews worked to
stabilize the west bank to support the massive loads. Once
that was complete and the final turns were negotiated, the
bridge made the corner to complete the home stretch.
Wild, (not pictured) Brad Munk and Dick Silvonen. They
started with us in Craig and just didn't stop. Here they are,
able to take a brief pause after the great bridge came to rest
at the State Nursery. Thank you Northwestern Energy for
your dedication and support through out this project.
This has to be the best bunch of people I have ever worked
with. The Tamietti Crew along side the Northwestern Energy
crews are pictured together,  they work together like nothing
I have ever seen.  With a team like this the
impossible becomes reality.
The Nursery Park Complex will involve acres of natural grass
land, tree scape and historical structures, along walking and
bike trails.  Artist development and a community park will be
developed.  The Nelson Family has agreed not to subdivide or
portion off the 108 acres and have been in the process of
rehabilitating the property for over a year.  This process like
most things in life has been slow but rewarding.
If you have any photos you would like us to see and perhaps post
please foreward them to